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Songfei Metal is a modern enterprise integrating R&D, design, production and marketing of professional electrical alloy products

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Zhejiang Songfei Metal Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Liushi, the electrical capital of China, close to Yandang Mountain, a beautiful national scenic area. It is adjacent to Wenzhou Airport in the west and 104 National Highway in the north. The transportation is very convenient. After years of hard work and continuous accumulation, it has developed into the production and operation of silver contacts, automatic spot welding and stamping components, heterosexual composite contact strips, and composite Contact strips, stamping and welding components, composite strip stamping parts, silver contacts...

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Songfei Metal is a modern enterprise integrating R&D, design, production and marketing of professional electrical alloy products

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  • The greatest feature of the columnar silver contacts you see that?

    Silver contacts cylindrical member and includes a support material coated with silver, the products are made of copper material supporting member includes a contact portion formed sequentially arranged concentrically fixed portion and the connecting portion, the contact portion and the fix... > More
  • Silver contact structure contact system you can read it?

    Silver contact system contact structure and production methods, to a contact or a contact breaker points improved techniques. Structure: including stationary contact, stationary contact silver contacts, silver contacts and the movable contact movable contact; on the stationary and moving co... > More
  • Riveting silver contacts What is the role of it in the oven?

    Riveting Silver contact device includes a vibration plate spot silver, silver delivery point riveting institutions and bodies, vibration plate spot silver products, send silver point riveting institutions and bodies are connected in turn; has a bottom plate products on the product deliver... > More
Wenzhou Song Fei silver alloy material Co., LTD.

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